Medical Care Spiral Cable

This medical care spiral cable is particularly designed for the electric and electrical interconnection of devices and machines in the hospital system.

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Medical Care Spiral Cable
  • Feature: hospital system connect dedicated use.
  • High resilience and long flex life.
  • Rated temperature: 80°C.
  • Rated voltage: 30V.
Cable Structure:
  • Conductor material: tinned copper wire strands.
  • Insulation material: AWM compliant material.
  • Screen shield type: foil, mylar, optional.
  • Uniform insulation thickness for easy stripping operation.
Ultra Flexibility:
  • Fixed operation length: spiral length (at rest) x 3.5.
  • Maximum extended distance: spiral length (at rest) x 4.0.
  • Ultra flexible cable is good for applications that require tight turns under limit space.
Good Reliability:
  • Excellent resistance to extremely cold use condition up to -40°C.
  • Dielectric voltage: 2000V AC.


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