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Professional cable & wire manufacture factory

Cable Factory carries hook-up wire, flat ribbon cable, and spiral cable. These wires and cables are widely applied for purpose of data transfer, power supply, and signal control.

OEM & ODM orders are acceptable. Customer can just bring with his/her idea or concept, our engineer team will work it out and present the best article.

Cable Factory has its own team of R&D. The average working experience of engineer staff in R&D exceeds 10 years. We are capable to meet various requirements of the cable & wire.

Hook-up Wire Factory

Hook-up Wire Factory

Related Procedures: conductor treatment

Hook-up Wire Factory manufacture hook-up wire and special hook-up wire. Before this, there is the important procedure of conductor process. Cable Factory has its own lines of conductor treatment, including copper wire drawing, tinning, stranding.

Conductor drawing
Conductor tinning
Conductor stranding

Manufactured Products: Hook-up Wire, Special Hook-up Wire

Multi-core Cable Factory

Multi-core Cable Factory

Related Procedures: core assembly

Before the cable jacket extrusion, the cable must go through the procedures of core assembly. Screen shield is to be added if necessary in this step.

Shield Braiding
Core Assembly

Manufactured Products: Multi-core Cable, Spiral Cable, Special Cable

Flat Ribbon Cable Factory

Flat Ribbon Cable Factory

Related Procedures: conductor tinning

There are different methods of conductor process via flat ribbon cable manufacture procedures, bare conductors, tinned stranded conductors, over tinned conductors.

Strand-tinned Conductors (Over Tinned)
Tin-stranded Conductors

Manufactured Products: Flat Ribbon Cable, Special Ribbon Cable

Spiral Cable Factory

Spiral Cable Factory

Related Procedures: spiral coiling

Spiral coiling and heating operation affect the quality of spiral cable.

Spiral Coil Tools
Spiral Coiling Process

Manufactured Products: Spiral Cable, Special Spiral Cable